Current Work

Here’s what’s happening and where…

  • 18 June 2022 – I’m directing Post Coal Prom Queen’s brand new opera, Music for First Contact, on the closing night of Hidden Door. 
  • July – I’m directing the next stage of development of Hannah Lavery’s The Unseen Boy for Hopscotch, exploring how we move from the digital version back to liveness.
  • August – I’m directing Shaul Ezer’s The Masks of Oscar Wilde for Matchmaker Theatre Productions at the Edinburgh Fringe (Greenside @ Riddle’s Court, 5-27 August).
  • September – TBA
  • Exciting news about a new publication is on its way, but I don’t know when…

If you’re more interested in what I’ve done in the past than what I will be doing in the future (I get it, what’s happened feels knowable and what’s to come is terrifying), you can find my previous gigs here.