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Here’s what’s happening and where..

  • 14 February 2018 – I’ll be open mic’ing at From the Horse’s Mouth at Summerhall.
  • 8 March 2018 – Catch an early glimpse of my new spoken word show at the Summerhall Scratch.
  • 19 April 2018 – To be announced…
  • 21/22 April 2018 – Fancy sharpening your Shakespeare skills? I’m teaching a weekend workshop for Edinburgh Acting School.
  • 25 – 28 May 2018 – Old Bones will be at the Prague Fringe, performed by Daniel Hird.
  • Late May/early June 2018 – To be announced…


If you’re more interested in what I’ve done in the past than what I will be doing in the future (I get it, what’s happened is knowable and what’s to come is terrifying), you can find my previous gigs here.