Things I’ve Written


Ghost Stories: When Soft Voices Die (Pitlochry Festival Theatre)

Directed by Amy Liptrott

Performed by Glenna Morrison

Photo credit unknown

Danger DuVall: Space/Time Adventurer (Theatre Sans Accents – pilot supported by YTAS & Imaginate)

Co-created with Marion Geoffray and Lucas Kao

Performed by Marion Geoffray

Photo credit Jen McGregor

The Premorial (Birds of Paradise/Perth Theatre/EHFM)

Directed by Lu Kemp

Performed by Abby McCann & Chaya Gupta

Image credit Celine Mcilmunn


Fragmental – work in progress (self-produced)

Directed by Flavia D’Avila

Photo credit Jen McGregor

Screech – work in progress (Fronteiras Theatre Lab/Stellar Quines Make Do & Mend)

Directed by Flavia D’Avila

Performed by Ankna Arockiam and Marion Geoffray

Photo credit Chris Scott

Canto X – work in progress (Fronteiras Theatre Lab/Manipulate Rising Voices)

Directed by Flavia D’Avila

Performed by Adam Tompa, Dave Robb and James Slimings

Photo credit Chris Scott


Grave (Scottish Poetry Library)

Directed and performed by Jen McGregor

Photo credit Jen McGregor


Volante – work in progress (Fronteiras Theatre Lab/Edinburgh Multilingual Stories Festival, supported by Tom McGrath Small Grant Award)

Directed by Flavia D’Avila

Performed by Juzstina Hermann and Andrew Simpson

(Awaiting image)

Heaven Burns (Assembly Roxy Theatre Award)

Directed by Jen McGregor

Performed by Susanna Mulvihill, Marion Geoffray and Andrew Findlater

Photo credit Chris Scott

Old Bones (Third Pier Theatre)

Directed and performed by Daniel Hird

Photo credit Daniel Hird

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