Apparently you’re supposed to update blogs or something idk

I haven’t updated this thing in ages. Nearly two years, to be exact. At the end of my last post I said that my 2020 was looking pretty good, so it would be my fault if the year was a total bin fire… well, sorry about that one. It will be no consolation to read that my 2021 has been great and my 2022 is also shaping up well, so consider this fair warning that we’re probably in for an asteroid strike or the kraken waking.

This isn’t an end-of-year post. I’ll do one of those in December for maximum obnoxiousness. This is just a statement of intent to return to posting publicly every so often. Same old material – mostly theatre, occasional mental health. I’ve no idea where I think I’m going to find the time or energy for this, but that’s a problem for Future Jen.

Anyway, this is not a very exciting update so allow me to jazz it up by revealing that I’ve been recording some of my short stories and will be putting them out on YouTube. I’m planning to release one a month, though there’ll be a bonus story in December because I couldn’t choose between my two Festive Season-specific stories. The pilot video is up, so if you fancy a story inspired by my uneasy relationship with the A9 you can find it here and subscribe to be notified when the next one goes live.

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