Merry Christmas!

I might be a godless heathen, but I love Christmas. Perhaps it had something to do with being born on the 20th of December, which meant that it took me a few years to work out that Christmas was not actually about me. Perhaps it’s just that I love cold weather and fairy lights and excuses to celebrate. Whatever the reason, I find myself at the grand old age of 31 years (and two days) and I still have to battle the urge to shake and squeeze the presents. Tonight, it’s time for a baking frenzy. There will be mince pies. There will be cinnamon cookies. There will be gingerbread. The flat will smell of Christmas.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or any other festival that takes place on or around Winter Solstice, I hope you’re having a fantastic festive season. See you in the New Year, blogosphere!


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