Four weeks on from Tramway World Cafe

Tramway World Cafe

Like many folks at the World Café event I couldn’t help but give a wry laugh as Janice Galloway read out Don Patterson’s 2005 poem ‘We, the Scottish people’”

We, the Scottish people, undertake to find within our culture the true measure

of the mind’s vitality and spirit’s health

to see that what is best in us is treasured

and what is treasured, held as common wealth to guarantee all Scots folk of whatever

age or origin, estate or creed the means and the occasion to discover

their skill or gift, and let it flower and seed to take just pride in all in our diverse tongues

folks and customs, and also what is yet distinct in us: our thousand thousand songs

our wild invention and our thrawn debate

There it was – right there. “Our thrawn debate” – a perfect description of what many of us have been participating…

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