“Take this rambling idiot’s advice and DO AN ART.”

I love this rambling idiot’s post and think it’s a great piece of advice. And the photos are stunning. And I totally got the Old Masters thing – when I saw the first one my brain went “oooh, Caravaggio” because my brain is a wanker like that (my husband is nodding in agreement at that statement).

Before Turning The Blog On Himself

Explanation Behind The Thing Wot I Did

As a massive videogames nerd, I have been greatly anticipating the release of Dennaton Games’ very first title, Hotline: Miami. It was released this Tuesday just passed, the 23rd of October, and I decided to do a shoot themed around it to celebrate.

To provide a bit of background, Hotline:Miami is a dark thriller set in an alternative 80s Miami. The protagonist is a man with a heavy dose of amnesia, who is instructed to do terrible things to members of an organised crime syndicate by a voice leaving messages on his answerphone tape.  He dons a rubber mask, jumps in his DeLorean and commits some atrocities in a variety of locations. The developers have stated they were heavily influenced by the movie Drive and you can see that in the style of the game. I know all you tabloid reading kneejerkers will…

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