After the Jitters: Fringe Thoughts

The pre-Fringe jitters are well and truly over. Once again I’ve plunged into it and realised that it’s just the Fringe, it’s nothing I can’t handle and I love it.

I probably won’t be writing much here this month, unless doing Proof next week prompts anything, but there are a few things that I want to explore once it’s all over and I have sufficient room in my head again. I particularly want to look at the expectations that people bring to the Fringe and the role of marketing and how to deal with it (or fail to), both during August and year round.

I’ve also got a post in mind about reviewing and why I believe artists should critique other artists, and another about whether we should sit through shows we’re not enjoying or vote with our feet. Well-worn topics, but as ever, I’m seeking to pick apart my own views and identify what’s informing them rather than to arrive at some kind of rule about how things should be. Done before, but not by me. (Actually, that might be another thing I need to explore soon… Originality. That terrible word.)

But all of that will probably have to wait a wee while, because I  have sleeping to do and shows to see and reviews to write and performances to do and a cat and a husband to torment. The Fringe is here. See you on the other side.

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